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Discussions on diversity and inclusion

#SpeakUp Survey FAQ

Update: The survey has now closed. Results are being tabulated.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison is asking students to participate in a campus climate survey. The results will be used to guide campus efforts and initiatives in order to make UW-Madison a safer, more welcoming, and more productive place for all students. The survey was proposed as part of the Diversity Implementation Plan and the Diversity Framework in 2015.

Who takes the survey?

All credit-earning students at UW-Madison with email addresses are invited to take the climate survey.

Where do I find the survey?

All credit-earning students with email addresses will be sent an email with the survey link. Please check your email starting on Monday, Oct. 17, as the email invitations be sent starting that day.

Who is administering the survey?

The survey is sponsored by UW-Madison in collaboration with the UW Survey Center; Division of Diversity, Equity, and Educational Achievement; and Academic Planning and Institutional Research (APIR). APIR, in conjunction with the Survey Center, will analyze the data.

What will UW-Madison do with the results?

The results will be used to better understand the climate at UW-Madison, including how people of different backgrounds and identities experience our campus. The results will also inform efforts to improve the campus climate. For more information on those efforts, see

Why are you asking about these sensitive topics?

Our goal is to foster a safe and supportive environment where students can flourish, both academically and personally. To understand the climate at UW-Madison, we need to ask direct questions about topics that some may find sensitive. This information will help us prevent negative experiences and effectively respond when they do happen.

What will I be asked to do?

You are invited to participate in a web survey. This survey includes sections that ask about your classroom experiences, perceptions of how you and others are treated, and opinions about diversity and inclusion at UW-Madison.

How long will the survey take?

This survey should take most people approximately 20 minutes to complete. It may take up to 35 minutes for some individuals.

Am I required to participate?

You do NOT have to participate in this survey. If you choose to participate, you may skip any question you are not comfortable answering and may exit the survey at any time. Most people will find the questions interesting.

Will my answers be confidential?

Yes. At the conclusion of the survey the link with your name, email, and IP address will be broken so that no one will be able to connect these with your survey answers. The results will be presented in summary form so no individual can be identified.

What should I do if I become upset answering these questions?

If you experience discomfort as a result of this survey, you may contact University Health Services at (608) 265-5600 (option 9).

I still have questions.

If you have additional questions about this survey, please email