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University of Wisconsin–Madison
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Black Joy with Issa Rae: Kicking Off Black History Month

She was introduced as the quintessential embodiment of black girl magic.

Issa Rae graced the UW campus Sunday night as the kickoff event of Black History Month. In an hour long Q&A, the Golden-Globe nominated creative left few questions unanswered ranging from advice to young film makers and entrepreneurs as well as her favorite feel good songs and shows.

Hundreds filed into Varsity Hall at Union South to take in the aura of the Awkward Black Girl herself, and like the fangirl I am, tears were the immediate result. I think I was crying more so because I couldn’t just go hug her right away. I found myself anxious, planning exactly what I’d say to her when I got my chance at the meet and greet. Many of the questions asked were answered in Rae’s book, so I got even more time to narrow down what I’d say, in between me being in awe that her personality is literally what I’ve been watching through a screen for the past year in her Youtube series, HBO Show and essays from her book.

Announced just three weeks ago, some attendees were expecting a youtube workshop based on previous advertising, but rolled with the clearance of getting their yearning questions for Rae out in the open.