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Discussions on diversity and inclusion

The UW Challenge

Creating Inclusion and Overcoming Bias

The goal of The UW Challenge is to enlist all members of the campus community to commit to Creating Inclusion and Overcoming Bias. Achieving these goals requires hard work and sustained effort, but they are central to UW-Madison’s core values of inclusion and diversity. These values are sometimes threatened by incidents of bias and hate, and joining The UW Challenge is one way to speak up and say that these incidents do not represent us as Badgers. We want all Badgers to speak up about why Creating Inclusion and Overcoming Bias is important to them, and strongly oppose threats to the values and environment of our University.

Click the link below to join The UW Challenge. Make your voice heard — let everyone inside and outside of UW-Madison know that we face difficult national and worldwide challenges with intelligence, compassion, and rational discourse.

We do not stay silent for fear of making a mistake, and we do not take the easy path: We lead, we strive, and we work hard to make our world better.

e943ecc8-5be2-4768-a17e-1b829b908afeThe UW Challenge: Creating Inclusion and Overcoming Bias

Our Values and Identity
Your time at UW–Madison will involve new experiences, interacting with different ideas and perspectives, and gaining the skills to be excellent world citizens. At UW–Madison, we have a profound investment in solving the problems that exist in our nation and world.

For a Welcoming Environment
We live in an increasingly diverse, globalized culture, with people who are different from us on numerous dimensions, including but not limited to race, gender, nationality, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability status, and political orientation.

Recognizing this fact provides the opportunity to reflect on how we interact with and relate to those who are different from us. At UW–Madison, all students deserve an inclusive, welcoming environment, and maintaining this positive environment requires active participation from all members of the UW–Madison community.

Working to Address Bias 
The UW Challenge involves working to address bias and stereotypes in ourselves, on campus, and in the world around us. Every member of the university community can help to create an inclusive campus for all Badgers by working to overcome their biases. Change doesn’t happen overnight, however—bias is a habit, and breaking any habit requires effort, time, and persistence.

Join The UW Challenge and commit to the effort of overcoming bias and creating inclusion on campus! There are numerous ways to do this, click here to learn a few things you can do that research has shown the following to be effective.

Contact us at if you’d like copies of The UW Challenge materials that you can put up in your building, group, room, or department. Or, access them to print yourself with the files below!

Download the pamphlet (pdf)
Download a packet of 8.5×11 fliers (pdf)
Download the packet of 14×22 posters (pdf)
Download Talking Points about The UW Challenge (pdf)